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Garden Caretaker/Puller 

You’re not looking for your typical 9 to 5. In fact, who in their right mind wants to be tied to a desk all day? Bleh! You need to see the fruit of your labor in addition to a paycheck. 

The family of tree preservationists and Arborists at Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc. is seeking someone just like you to serve as our next Garden Caretaker/Puller! You’ll have the opportunity to grow with us (pun intended) as you tend to the 6-acre botanical garden at Sims Tree Learning Center, and as you accompany one of our ISA Certified Arborists/Technicians as they visit the homes of our amazing customers and perform tree healthcare services!

Like the sunflower turning to face the sun, you wake up with excitement for the new day and what that means for the nature you preserve! A whole day, every day, in the garden? Who could ask for more!

You take pride in maintaining the health of the grounds at the Sims Tree Learning Center (TLC), a 6 acre botanical garden and research facility sponsored by Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc.  

The Good Stuff


This full-time, 40/hour/week position has a starting pay between $17.00 - $19.00, depending on experience. 


  • Vacation and Sick pay

  • Paid Spring & Summer Holidays

  • Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance

  • Employee discounts

  • Paid training


Candidates with flexible schedules are encouraged to apply. Main 8 hour shift can be chosen to start between 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday. Choice of 30 minute or 1 hour lunch.

Days you are assigned as a Puller, shifts will be determined by the arborist you are assisting. Most Puller jobs are performed Monday - Friday between the hours of 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM. There may be jobs that are required to be performed at night, weekends or prior to dawn.

Garden Caretaker Duties

  • Daily, check the weather and determine which tasks to complete first.

  • Utilizing gardening tools such as shovels, rakes, garden hoes, weeders, pruning saws, hand pruners, and wheelbarrows. Occasionally, utilizing a golf cart to transport yourself or materials around the property.

  • Communicate daily needs of the grounds to your fellow Garden Caretakers and to the Office Manager, including any materials that may need to be ordered or if any issues of immediate importance arise.

  • Daily caretaking of animals including feeding, watering, cleaning of habitats, and informing the leadership team of any possible health issues noticed. 

  • Mulching different areas of the grounds to protect against harsh sun exposure and to provide nutrients to the soil.

  • Ensuring walkways and trails are clean by removing weeds, debris, animal droppings, and anything hazardous. 

  • Maintaining garden beds by weeding unwanted growth.

  • Pruning our plants and trees. 

  • Maintaining the lawns by providing irrigation through the use of sprinklers and water hoses, paying attention to the watering needs of the plants during different seasons. 

  • Picking up fallen fruit from our variety of fruit trees on the property, which include but are not limited to: Mulberry, Citrus, Apples, Ice Cream Bean, and Grapes. 

  • Knowledge and application of gardening techniques

  • Recognize basic health issues of trees and plants and informing the Office Manager

  • Occasional repairs of garden structures utilizing company provided tools and power tools

  • Driving company provided vehicles to pick up materials or complete errands related to the gardens.

  • Assisting RV guests with check-in and check-out. 

  • Assisting with setup, parking, and tear down of events.

Puller Duties

  • When one of our ISA Certified Arborists or Technicians requires extra assistance in the field as they visit the homes of our wonderful clients, you may occasionally be called to the line of duty! Personal Protective Equipment and a uniform will be provided.

  • The Arborist or Technician will contact you and arrange a time for you to accompany them as they travel in a truck (similar to an F250) to the properties of our clients. 

  • Upon arrival at a property, you greet the customer with a respectful “Hello!” and represent Sims THS in a friendly and professional manner. You listen respectfully as the Arborist or Technician converse with the client regarding their tree’s needs so you can better assist the technician perform the job!

  • Assist the Technician as they perform their treatments, which includes the use of chemicals. As the Technician is walking farther and farther away while performing treatments, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the hose is not knocking over planters, garden decorations, or crushing any beautiful plants in the process!

  • You will assist the Technician with adjusting the hose pressure during treatments.

  • Driving a company-provided truck similar to the size of an F-250. 


  • A passion for nature, the environment, and the outdoors.

  • Interest in working outdoors, year-round in all weather conditions.

  • Ability to pass a criminal background check, drug test, and motor vehicle record check.

  • Good team work ethic and dedication to working safely.

  • Must be able to work independently as well as assist other operations when needed.

  • Comfortability working near chemicals that are listed in the “Caution” category, similar to those of traditional household cleaners. 

  • Basic knowledge of tools and power tools

  • Must love nature and animals including dogs, chickens, reptiles, and other farm animals. Must be able to tolerate insects and other arthropods.

Working Environment

This position requires the ability to stand, bend forward, kneel, and walk for long periods at a time in different weather conditions such as in harsh sun, cold, rain, and wind. Walking long distances on uneven terrain is also required, as well as pulling large amounts of hose up to 400 feet, and reaching with hands and arms. The ability to crouch or crawl, frequently lift and/or move up to 30 pounds for an extended amount of time and occasionally lift and/or move up to 65 pounds.

Team members would drive down a quarter-mile long dirt road to access a dirt parking lot on a daily basis. A locked shed on the property houses the materials necessary for our tree preservationists to perform tree care services. Occasionally, the trees and plants on the property are treated with these materials (both organic and/or traditional). Team members would be notified of these treatments and any measures taken to ensure their safety. Team members must be good with dust, dirt, mud, plant pollen, and animal dander. The Sims family resides on the property and have dogs that have full access to the gardens and come inside the office. The parking lot serves as the sole area for parking for all events and classes. Occasionally team members may be asked to park on a different part of the property to conserve space for larger events.

Our Arborists and Tree Preservationists work with chemicals on a daily basis. Most of these chemicals are listed in the “Caution” category, similar to those of traditional household cleaners. However, after a full day of treatments, team members occasionally come into the office with residual smells from materials used throughout the day. For those that have severe allergies to dust, plant pollen, animal dander, and/or chemicals (categorized similarly to those in traditional household cleaning products) this may not be a suitable working environment for you.

About Us

Sims Tree Health Specialists (THS), Inc. is a family owned and operated company that have been dedicated to the preservation, education, improved health, and safety of trees since 1972.

The Sims family have not only become known for their quality tree health services, but also as educators. In 1996, the Sims family started the Sims Tree Learning Center (TLC), a 6-acre botanical garden and research facility sponsored by Sims Tree Health Specialists Inc. The facility houses the Sims THS office as well as multiple types of gardens including a cactus and succulent garden, an English garden, and one of the largest collections of Palms in the Inland Empire. The Sims family homes are also located on the property.

Our new generation of leadership is looking to empower our team members through a “Decentralized Command” style of leadership. We look to our team members to utilize their skills to further the company goals and objectives. Go-getters, this is the place for you!

Leadership believes that a strong team is the creator of success and that both big and small successes should be celebrated and rewarded. When opportunities for improvement come along, coaching and teaching are excellent in progress and understanding.

It is important that our team members are empowered to continuously grow and learn through hands-on experience with an understanding that trial and error is a positive method of development. Self-taught skills, research, and ideas are welcomed in all aspects of the organization, regardless of the relation to their direct department or position. Our main goal is for our team members to enjoy coming to work and feel like they are achieving their goals.

As a team who respects the past yet is motivated to make our own mark on the industry, we are a fun bunch who believe work should be both rewarding and enjoyable.

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