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Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer AKA Ambrosia Beetle
This nuisance of a beetle bores into trees to lay their eggs. With them, they carry Fusarium, an incurable fatal fungus that affects the Xylem (water-carrying tissue) of the tree. After the beetles exit the tree, they leave behind their eggs and the fungus for their larvae to feed on.  

Trees Affected: Sycamores, Oaks, Mulberry, Magnolias, Avocados, and other varieties.

Treatment: Protection methods is the best defense at this time. No cure available.

Symptoms: Vary from tree to tree. 
-Tiny Exit Holes
-Exit holes can have white residue or sap around them. 
-Toothpick-like boring dust protrudes from the bark of the tree. 

Best time to treat: NOW

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GoldenSpotted oak Borer
The Goldenspotter Oak Borer (GSOB) Agrilus auroguttatus is an invasive pest                                                   
which is causing oak mortality in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange counties   
in southern California. 

GSOB only attacks oaks. These and the Red oak group which include the coast live oak,
 California black oak, canyon live oak mainly.

Damage associated with GSOB infestation includes crown thinning and dieback,
bark staining on the main stems,.and D-shaped exit holes. After several years of
infestation the tree health declines, and cause the trees eventual death. 

Best time to treat is when first signs of tree decline are noticed.